An introduction into dance through the stimulation of creativity and imagination, this class focuses on creative movement, use of motor skills, coordination and basic pre-ballet, jazz and tap technique in a fun environment.


Level I- Ballet, Jazz and Tap

This class continues the creative movement from Pre-Ballet. Students will further learn basic arm and leg positions, rhythm and timing steps, as well as introductory ballet, tap, and jazz


Level IV-VII- Ballet

The levels included encompass a more structured ballet class at a pre-professional level which allow students to build confidence, dance as a corps de ballet (a team), and improve technique and overall performance abilities. Students will learn skills and discipline which they will carry with them as they grow into adulthood.


Pointe (at the discretion of the Director)

Training on pointe is when the instructor believes the student has acquired a sufficient level of technical skills as well as a strong physiological basis.



Taught by a Licensed Zumba® Instructor, this Latin-themed workout is a fun dance inspired class for all ages!


Modern- Intermediate, Advanced

Students will learn a variety of modern dance techniques that surpass the constraints of classical ballet through a focus on creative, free form of self-expression, a deliberate use of  gravity and grounded movements, and various isolations of the body and curvatures of the    spine.


Jazz- Intermediate, Advanced

This class encompasses a diverse assortment of Jazz techniques ranging from Hip Hop to Broadway, Swing, and hip hop curriculum as well. Students will incorporate strength, coordination, rhythm, and syncopation with an emphasis on style into their own technique and performance attributes.


Tap- Intermediate, Advanced

Tap class focuses on developing rhythm, style and sound through proper tap technique. The dancer will learn how to execute complex rhythmic combinations and patterns with speed, clarity and dynamics while having fun.


Adult Jazz

This is an energetic and fun dance class for any adult emphasizing the variety of aforementioned jazz techniques consisting of a warm-up, isolations of the body, center and floor work and style-specific combinations.


Adult Tap

Adult tap is geared towards adults seeking a laid back and fun introductory tap class.